Vivekanand Girls Teacher Training College
Affiliated to Raj Rishi Bhartrihari Matsya University, Alwar
Extra Activity


Block teaching develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and the school between life and school work. In The Block teaching the pupil teachers become self relevant and go to different schools. We appoint various in charge among our pupil teachers in various block teaching schools..
These in charge manage all the teaching curricular and extra curricular activities among the school students. Our pupil teachers conduct assembly regular activities, bulletin board, display of quiz, articles, reports etc.are also part of their work. The students,teachers are visited for extension activities.
The pupil teachers are required to prepare reflective lesson palns of micro teaching as parts of their personal and professional development. The pupil teachers use micro teaching technique for developing teaching skills. Our college gives micro teaching practice in the 1. Lecture Skill 
2. Introductory
3. Questioning 
4. Demonstration 
5. Reinforcement
6. Black Board
7. Stimulus Variation
8. Integrated Lession Plan
Reinforcement skill, black board skill and illustration skill is taught during discussion. The observation process is also put before them. In the peer group they give lession of one skill. After the lesson the pupil teacher gets feed back from the faculty as well as the peer group.
  To provide practical training to prospective teachers, practice teaching is organised twice during the course for the total number of 40 working days in schools. Student teachers are required to prepare 40 lesson plans in each of the teaching subjects. They are guided and supervised by the teacher incharge from the institution.
       During Teaching Practice oral and written feedback are given by the teacher incharge. Peer trainees also observe the lesson and record them in the observation schedules.
Practice teaching is held in the following schools:
  1. Govt. Secondary school, Gunsar
  2.  Govt. Middle school, Fatehabad 
  3. Sahid Rampal Gurjar Govt. Middle School Palpur
  4.  Govt. Secondary school, Karwar
  5. Vivekanand Senior Secondary School Bibirani
House System :-
The purpose of having 'houses' is to provide opportunities to students for self expression, inculcate leadership qualities to help students to shoulder responsibilities and help them to understand the concept of co-operation and team spirit. The students from all the sections are divided into four houses:
  1. Kalpana Chawala House
  2.  Sarojni Naydu House
  3.  Laxmi Bai House
  4.  Indra Gandhi House
Each house functions under the charge of two lecturers and remains on duty for one calender month. The main duties of each house are:
  1. To check cleanliness of the campus and to maintain discipline in the campus
  2. To check late comers and wrong parking of vehicles
  3. To conduct assembly