Vivekanand Girls Teacher Training College
Affiliated to Raj Rishi Bhartrihari Matsya University, Alwar






An open access Library and Reading Room is constantly enriched with the latest publications and book editions. It provides a wide range of reading and reference material for students and teachers alike. The Learning Centre is central to each student's academic progress. In it we have shelf space for some 8666 books, with already a rich collection. In addition, students have access to periodicals and audio-visual resources, the Internet and photocopying facilities. The Learning Centre also supports the archiving of the school's various learning resources and records.

Library Rules

  1. Maintain silence in the library.
  2. Each reader will get two-reader tickets after showing identity Card.
  3. Personal books, bags & mobile are not allowed in the library.
  4. In case of damage of book or if a book is lost student is liable to replace the book or to pay its double cost.
  5. Management can impose penalty for mishandling of book.
  6. Reference books, Journals not to be issued to any student.
  7. Library timings will be from 9:30a.m. To 3:30 p.m.
  8. No book will be issued without reader card. On damaging or misplacing reader’s card, it should be obtained from the office.
  9. Student should deposit books before 7days of exams otherwise she will not get no-dues certificate.
  10. Books will be issued to students for 7days. After seven days librarian can reissue the books as per demand of students.
  11. Fine Rs. 10 is per day volume
  12. Four books will be issued to each staff member.
  13. Books will be issued for fourteen days for staff.
  14. Keep books & magazine on shelf after reading.
  15. Catalogue cards will be made by the classified catalogue code scheme.
  16. If librarian goes for any official work & meetings library shall remain closed.
  17. Every year library physical verification report will be submitted to the concern authority with right of books.
  18. Book Bank books should be returned with in 7 days of exams. Books should be in good condition otherwise charge will be taken.